Our seacell® and ascocell ™ seaweed

Hi, our names are ascocell™ and seacell®.

Our scientific names are Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria Digitat. The botanical name is knotted wrack, or you can just call us brown seaweed.

We were born and grew up in what we think is the most beautiful part of the world – the Westfjords of Iceland, known for having the purest waters on the planet. This exciting, mysterious, legendary area was even the birthplace of continents, causing volcanic activity. This is great for us, as the resulting geothermal sources constantly supply us with everything I need. This allows us to grow beautifully slowly without stress or ship traffic, along with our many siblings in a community of lots of other wonderful living creatures that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every four years (or sometimes even longer), some lovely people come along with funny machines. These have big paddle wheels that are virtually silent.

The machines trim us carefully just above our regeneration zone, and then we grow back bushier than ever. The people wash the seaweed cuttings in the geothermal sources and then dry them using geothermal energy. This is gentle on our home and allows us to keep on living without a care in the world. They regularly check if we are OK and whether people are handling us properly. Which we love!

And now we cannot wait to meet you. If you use ascocell™ products, we will look after your skin and ensure that you feel as happy as we do at home in Iceland!

Your seacell® and ascocell™ seaweed

Ascophyllum nodosum (grows near the coast, up to the water’s surface)

Laminaria digitata (grows at a dept of 5-10 meters)

Brown seaweed